Tamed: A Poem About Wildness


I am in labor.

And I am scared.

And I am terrified.

And I can’t seem to think

Or stop thinking

about how this baby is going to

have to come out of my body.


I breathe through the contractions

Or the contractions breathe through me.


Control and Surrender

are locked in...

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Are You Pregnant With a Soul Project?

I am currently pregnant with both a baby and a book. Being pregnant with both, simultaneously, has clarified the incredible psychological and spiritual similarities between physical pregnancy and the experience of being pregnant with a Soul project.

What is a Soul Project?

A Soul project is a...

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Raising Psychic Kids

I’ll never forget the first moment my son displayed his psychic ability to me.  He was about 3 years old and utilized his newfound psychic skills on a topic that any kid would be psychic about….candy.

It was around Christmas time and I had come home from the local grocery with...

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