Are You Pregnant With a Soul Project?

Are You Pregnant With a Soul Project?

I am currently pregnant with both a baby and a book. Being pregnant with both, simultaneously, has clarified the incredible psychological and spiritual similarities between physical pregnancy and the experience of being pregnant with a Soul project.

What is a Soul Project?

A Soul project is a project that is inspired and sent from your Soul. The creative process is extremely different from a project coming from a place of ego. A Soul project has no interest in thinking up exciting concepts, being validated by others or coming up with the next “good idea”. A Soul project is categorized by listening, very deeply to the Soul, and following Her cues for guidance on every aspect of the project: the timing, meaning, method, people and places involved. Then, from that place of service and listening, you ‘give birth’ to a project that is bigger than your ego could have ever imagined.

The creative process in a Soul project can be challenging because you are not rationally creating the project; instead, you receive it. This can create a healthy amount of uncertainty, confusion, and fear. Instead of controlling the project, you surrender the ego into the fire of creation, to wait and discover what will develop in the ashes.

A Soul project is defined, like a pregnancy, by the complete lack of ego control.

Here is a breakdown of The 3 Trimesters of the creative process of a Soul Project:

Just like a physical pregnancy, in the 1st trimester you are busy with the major energetic work of incubation and creation. This is the crucial stage of pregnancy where you energetically form your creation and may find yourself feeling fatigue and irritation towards the external world and outside distractions. In this period, your energy, which is normally channeled out into the world, is being sent into the creation of your project. You may not even know you are pregnant yet, but have a gut feeling that something feels ‘different’. You may sense something major is shifting, something Big. Is. Coming. During this stage it is common to crave time alone, to feel spacey, to long for naps, to constantly daydream and to want to slow way down. The challenge of this period is to trust the process while having no ‘proof’ of your project —just like a physical pregnancy, you may not be ‘showing yet’. If you are writing a book, you may only have pages of aimless, disconnected notes; if you are working on a play, you may have only one strong image of an impactful scene, yet not know the plot. Lots of work at this time is underground, so protecting your energy and time is vital while your Soul works to birth something new.

During the second trimester, you usually feel your best and the most clear. You probably have more energy for the project as you begin to understand its meaning and direction. You may be ‘showing’ now and have physical proof of your project: a strong outline; some pages you actually like; or a rough version of a painting, with the feeling of where the piece is trying to go next. While it is still important to protect your energy from people and places that drain you, you are feeling inspired and motivated by the project.

During the third trimester, you may feel uncomfortable and exhausted from the length and weight of the Soul project.This is equivalent to being close to the end of the marathon but you still can’t see the finish line. During this time, it is important to stay focused on the Soul Vision and put all your resources into the final touches of the project. This stage is breaking your ego down to move all control off the project and prepare you for birth!

THE BIRTH: During the birth, you are often challenged by the ‘transition phase’. This is similar to when a mother, during the final pushing stage declares, “I cannot do this! This is impossible! There is no way this is happening!” It is crucial to remember that it is darkest before dawn; when you feel this level of defeat, the baby is close to crowning. The project is in the critical final moments, heading down the birth canal, and this final feeling of being overwhelmed is due to the imminent pressure and arrival of your Soul baby.

You finally get to ‘meet’ your Soul project! This may be publicly (through a show, community project or the celebratory ride with your new pilots license) or privately (through your own witnessing of your new bonsai garden, freshly decorated interior space or collection of family recipes). You may be filled with feelings of pride, identity confusion at your new ‘role’, or you may have a classic vulnerability hangover from putting so much of your Soul out there. It is important during this time to take stock and reflect about how you are feeling–Give yourself lots of nourishing self-care.

A Soul project, like any pregnancy, requires faith in the long dark waiting period. It requires a relationship to a ‘reality’ that you may not be able to see yet. Just because you do not see the baby, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Soul projects require sustenance, energetic support and vision in the dark.

Congrats on your Soul project and good luck with your stages of pregnancy!


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