Raising Psychic Kids

Raising Psychic Kids

I’ll never forget the first moment my son displayed his psychic ability to me.  He was about 3 years old and utilized his newfound psychic skills on a topic that any kid would be psychic about….candy.

It was around Christmas time and I had come home from the local grocery with some amazing beet-dyed candy canes that were completely wrapped up and hidden in a brown paper sack.  My son had not had candy canes in a long time so candy canes were not something that would have been on his mind.

I opened the front door; he bee-lined toward me, looked straight into my eyes, and asked, “Where are my candy canes, Mama?”

I was overcome by strong feelings of pride, as well as some mild, nauseous feelings of fear.

I was ecstatic that his natural sensitivity was still in tact.  I truly believe that we are all born psychic, but then our psychic antennas begin to numb from subtle conditioning of what we are told is “real”.  I was ecstatic he was sensitive enough to sense things that could keep him close to his Soul, so he can trust his inner voice and stay empowered in his Knowingness.

But I also know the reality of the mandatory self-care that comes with having a 6th sense.  When you are sensitive you can feel if someone is mad at you, even if they adamantly deny it.   You can often see darkness where others might have the luxury of looking away.  Ignorance may be bliss, but ignorance is just that, ignorance…or at least we can all agree it is not consciousness.   There are pressures that come along with waking up spiritually.  Often we do breakdown before we break through.   I personally know the fear that comes with seeing spirits at night in your room that are not solely the result of an “overactive imagination”.

I had not planned on sharing the candy canes with him until Christmas morning, which was still 2 weeks away.  I considered responding with, “What candy canes?”

But then I thought: I refuse to participate in the dimming of his sight.

I bent down and looked him straight in the eye:

“In this family, I will reward you when you are psychic.”  I opened up the paper sack and passed him the huge gourmet candy.  “Here is the candy cane.”  His eyes sparkled.

Several days later we were off to celebrate, “Christmas in the country” by riding horses.  On our way to the stables I gave my son a psychic test (as I like to do).
“What color horse will you ride today?”

“Oh, my horse is blue, Mama.”

“Oh no!”  I laughed, “Horses aren’t blue, silly!  Horses are brown or white or black or blonde.”

“No, my horse is blue Mama.”

“That would be SO silly.  It would have had it’s hair dyed blue at the barber shop.”

When we got to the stables, we lined up with all the other children. We helped my son mount his horse, and I held his hand as we began to walk around the ring.

“What’s the horse’s name?” I asked the teen cowgirl walking him.
“Oh, his name is Blue.”   My jaw dropped.

“My horse is Blue, Mama!”  My son repeated in an exasperated way, staring straight at me as with a knowing expression.

Two months later in February, we had our next psychic moment.  And predictably, it was another sugar incident.

My mom purchased a heart cake for Valentines Day and had hid it on top of her refrigerator.  She had gotten home from the store and hit it well after my son had  fallen asleep.  There was no way he could have seen the cake.

When he woke up the next morning he found me in the kitchen,

“Where’s the heart cake, mama?”

I knew this was going to be a problem.  3-year-olds do not want to wait another whole day for a cake…they want it now.

I believe we all come into the world with our psychic connection fairly in-tact; it is societal and family programming that numbs our connection.  Kids are naturally imaginative and intuitive.  If you want to keep this connection strong, you don’t need to train them to do anything; just protect and preserve their inherent abilities.

Here are some tips for keeping your child connected to their psychic abilities.

  1. Validate their intuition.  Be careful to not shame them for their insights or alter the truth about what they are noticing.  For example, many of us parents want to protect children from our moods, and our arguments with others.  Obviously use good judgment; do not tell your child anything that is not developmentally appropriate. But if you are sad and your child asks, you can tell them the truth.  “Yes, mama is sad right now.”  This is a great way for him to learn from modeling of open communication about feelings. It also validates his ‘hit’ about his interpretation of your feeling state and doesn’t “shut down” his intuition.
  2. Participate in imaginary play.  Imagination is huge for keeping connected to the psychic realm. Our Soul often speaks to us in metaphor, like when we dream at night.  I often get odd looks at the playground as I wholeheartedly dive in and play with my son.  Instead of keeping an “adult” distance I dive in. Instead of asking questions, “Why did the pirate steal his gold?” or “What kind of car is it?”  get into the living moment of the imaginative game.  Yesterday I was driving my son in the car and suddenly asked, “How did that goat get in here?”  We spent the next 10 minutes of the drive talking about the wacky goat that was eating everything in the car.
  3. Learn some basic visual techniques and games to helping children manage their own energy fields.  It is such a gift to give young children, a vocabulary for this; I will be writing more blog posts on this in the future.
  4. Understand that they may be actually perceiving things you are not, that are truly real.  All kids go through some struggles with fear about falling asleep.  Just before and during sleep, we are much more open, and potentially vulnerable, to seeing spirits.  Your child may be scared because of the monster from TV earlier that day, or she may be really tapping into the spirit world without the vocabulary to explain what she is seeing.  I helped my son with a bedtime routine, and a monster spray (stay tuned for another blog on bedtime tips coming soon).  These little things made a huge difference to his fear of falling asleep.
  5. Value the psychic connection–inquire about what they are receiving.  Obviously do not go overboard drilling your child with questions but it can be a fun game to ask, “Who do you think will be at the party?”  “What foods do you think they will be serving?”  You can ask him to close his eyes and see a picture in his of the foods that will be at the party (or if he ‘hears what types of food’. when they close their eyes (or if they ‘hear what types of food’.  For more info on the different ways we receive intuition read my blog ‘What Is Your Intuitive Type“.)


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