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This podcast is dedicated to those that sense more, see more, feel more and ultimately, want more. If surface-level living leaves you craving deeper meaning and purpose, join us, as we investigate what it truly means to be a Soul having a human experience.

Blending psychology and modern-day mysticism, we investigate the nitty-gritty of daily challenges, the creative process, relationship issues, parenting tips and awakening stories–all from a mystical perspective.

Popular Episodes

A Conversation with Danica Patrick

Danica is a globally recognized racecar driver who succeeded in the male-dominated world of professional motorsports. Although she is well-known, what you may not know about Danica, is that she is, at heart, a true mystic...


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A Conversation with Officer Clemmons

Francois was a close friend of Mr. Rogers and played Officer Clemmons for 25 years. François not only endured life-long racism but also bigotry for being homosexual. His recent memoir tells the story of deep self-inquiry and spiritual discovery...

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Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

Join us for this transformative conversation with New York Times bestselling author of Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav and his wife and spiritual partner Linda Francis. Together, they have authored over 10 different books, selling millions of copies ...

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Recent Episodes

 Ep. 54

Our Twin Flame Perspective on the new Netflix Documentary

In this episode, we offer our own Twin Flame perspective on the popular new Netflix documentary on the topic. The desire to be seen and met deeply in so archetypal and universal, that this instinct towards Union can be used for good or for evil. We delve into the intricate nuances of the Twin Flames concept and how mainstream portrayals can sometimes distort its profound essence, leading to confusion and disillusionment. Our discussion aims to peel back the layers of the narrative woven by the documentary, re-centering the conversation on the authenticity and depth of spiritual partnerships, and demystifying the journey towards genuine soulful connection.

 Ep. 52

Soul Orchestration - Part 2


In the second part of our soul-stirring series, we delve into the extraordinary life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, a paragon of grace under pressure. As we orchestrate the melodies of her story, we discern the quiet whispers of destiny and the crescendos of purpose that defined her journey. Weaving the threads of her public triumphs and private trials, we explore how her soul's orchestration became a masterclass in resilience and elegance. Join us as we interpret the signs and symbols that charted her path, revealing the universal lessons of alignment and authenticity that resonate with each of us in our own quest for self-discovery. 

 Ep. 51

Soul Orchestration - Part 1


In this introspective episode, we begin our exploration into Soul Orchestration—where life's synchronicities are not mere coincidences, but the soul's way of composing our unique life symphony. We delve into how these meaningful occurrences guide our journey towards individuation, a concept introduced by Carl Jung, which represents the process of becoming our truest self. As we uncover the intricate relationship between the universe's subtle signs and our personal growth, we set the stage for a deeper understanding of our inner selves. Don't miss the continuation in Part 2, where we examine the life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis through the lens of soul orchestration.


 Ep. 50 Ego Thirst Vs Spiritual Hunger


What does it mean to be hungry, not thirsty? 
While Soul hunger motivates us into actualizing our purpose, ego thirst has the power to derail us from our path. 
In today’s episode, we riff on the difference between soul hunger and ego thirst. Is it spiritual to enact actions or simply allow and trust? Is effort a part of the spiritual path? How does action play a role in our individuation process? What is the sweet spot between achievement and surrender?


 Ep. 49 Freud, Pamela Anderson & Romantic Love

In this episode, we take an archetypal look at romantic love, the true aspects of past relationships we may still be grieving, and an astrological perspective of Pamela Anderson’s life and love story in the recent Netflix documentary, "Pamela, A Love Story." With attention to the symbolic mirror her life reflects of the Feminine for the collective, we also investigate her personal story through the lens of projection, illusion, and the Divine hope that romantic life holds.

 Ep. 48 Gorillas, the Masculine and Feminine Dynamic, and Centenarians

Holy Love can be found in unexpected places, like gorilla courtship. Today, we leave behind conventional methods for discovering wisdom and analyze the places, moments, and sources that have unexpectedly affected us. While Adam examines lessons of masculinity from a video of gorillas, Elisa processes the nature of aging, the passage of time, and the meaning of life initiated by an NPR story about centenarians (people who have reached 100 years old.) As usual, we lose all scripts and structure to follow the intuitive guide of what feels alive and real. Ending in tears, and a sense of beauty and grace, we are reminded that Soul is always working in mysterious ways.

 Ep. 47 Intuition in a Skeptic's World

Today we process the wounds that are created from living in a world where psychics and mediumship are not understood and are often demonized. The result is a type of spiritual gaslighting, where intuitive truth is externally denied and often in turn internally suppressed. Elisa shares her own vulnerable feelings on how her intuitive impulse to heal others has at times been met with judgment and hostility. Together we explore when our gifts can feel like a curse, how to navigate a skeptical world, and heal the connection to our Soul. 

 Ep. 46 Why Soul Truth Heals

Today we get into the power of surrendering life to Soul. How does listening to Soul heal our lives? What is Soul Truth? What happens in a Soul Session? We answer these questions (as well as a breakdown of the Disney movie, Encanto as a metaphor for family systems healing work). Often intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual work are considered out-of-touch with reality, but these are actually some of the most useful tools to discover what is most true. Join us, as we explore following Soul’s wisdom to create our most fulfilling lives.

 Ep. 45 BDE

Big Dick Energy (BDE) has become a hot topic on social media in the last few years. No doubt the concept of BDE has ignited entertaining conversations, but it has also led to a cultural attempt to define authentic Masculinity. What is BDE? BDE is a genuine and comfortable assurance in oneself and the ability to claim one’s power. Beyond gender identity, sexual preference, or literal anatomy BDE stands for an emotional and spiritual ability to know one’s inner Masculine. This is why BDE is the inverse of toxic masculinity. Instead of a need to have dominance over others, BDE knows a power from within the Soul. Join us today, as we explore this cultural phenomenon and dive into what true Masculinity really is.

 Ep. 44 Addiction VS Soul

The word “addiction” is derived from the Latin term for, “enslaved by” or “bound to.” Addictions control our lives and block clear connection to Soul. Today, we talk to an incredible addictions expert and Elisa’s former colleague, Linda Johnson, MFT, about the spiritual path of facing addiction and the most effective tools for recovery. Overcoming addiction forces us to investigate our primitive biology and highjacked brain chemistry. Addiction is an extreme journey, that many do not survive, but it is also an opportunity to master our impulse towards death wish or life wish. Recovery takes fierce love and spiritual strength. Dive in with us as we explore how to transform compulsion into gained wisdom.

 Ep. 43 Myers-Briggs Personality Types - Part 2

Part 2 of the Myers-Briggs podcast - What drives our choices in life? The values and motives that move us may, in truth, not be in our control at all. Today we dive into understanding the personality types we are born with. Hard-wired into our brain is a method of perceiving and making sense of the world around us. This disposition, effects everything in our lives, from the careers we excel in (or don’t), the friends and relationships we choose, and the purpose we make for ourselves. Unlocking the power and insight behind the Myers-Briggs personality system can be life-changing! We are so excited about it, we could not help but sing original musical renditions about how your brain works! So listen up, if you want to look under the hood of your cognitive functions and how they have shaped the course of your destiny.

 Ep. 42 Myers-Briggs Personality Types - Part 1

What drives our choices in life? The values and motives that move us may, in truth, not be in our control at all. Today we dive into understanding the personality types we are born with. Hard-wired into our brain is a method of perceiving and making sense of the world around us. This disposition, effects everything in our lives, from the careers we excel in (or don’t), the friends and relationships we choose, and the purpose we make for ourselves. Unlocking the power and insight behind the Myers-Briggs personality system can be life-changing! We are so excited about it, we could not help but sing original musical renditions about how your brain works! So listen up, if you want to look under the hood of your cognitive functions and how they have shaped the course of your destiny.

 Ep. 41 Freudian Slips

If you want a buttoned—up, planned in advance, zen-style podcast then move along, Sally. But if you are open to messy and ridiculous ramblings that bring the spiritual lens into home renovations and calories-in, calories-out, today is your lucky day. We take several stops on this mystical trolly and end at the inner marriage of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. Toot! Toot! All Aboard!

 Ep. 40 What is Pro-Love? 

Abortion is a polarizing topic, but what does each side have in common? In this episode, we examine the terminology around this issue and its impact on how we understand, feel, and relate to this charged topic. We believe that to build a bridge, we need to share our specific stories. Our dear friend, Laurel Marlantes, joins us to share her own story of how she had to make a choice that didn’t feel like a choice. Her incredible and spiritual journey conveys the nuance, depth, and complexity of this topic. https://www.laurelmarlantes.com 

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 Ep. 38 Cultivating Holy Love in Our Lives

Today we deep dive into what it means to invite Holy Love into our lives. We begin with the premise that we can’t live as Soul mates if we don’t know ourselves, and each other as Souls. Whether single or with a partner, becoming conscious of ourselves as Souls benefits all of your relationships: whether at work, through parenting or within friendships. Instead of reacting as egos, we begin to see interactions through the lens of our Soul’s intentions. Join us to bring Holy Love into your life.

 Ep. 37 Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

Join us for this transformative conversation with New York Times bestselling author of Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav and his wife and spiritual partner Linda Francis. Together, they have authored over 10 different books, selling millions of copies and published in thirty languages. Their work has radically evolved the collective understanding of Soul and healing. Listen as they share intimate stories from their own personal journeys that formed the foundation of their own inner knowing and will help you find your own. Get ready for this empowering, and personal, conversation with two of our favorite authors.onment, family, community, or a greater calling. In today’s episode of Holy & Human we explore the power and importance of the Divine Masculine. Tune in if you are called to investigate the endless possibilities and forms of sacred Masculinity.

 Ep. 36 Discovering The Divine Masculine

The other day our 7-year-old asked Adam, “at what age will I become a man?” He took a beat and then replied: “It is true when you are older, your body will physically change. But being a true man does not have to do with your age or physical appearance. Being a true masculine means standing up for those that need our help, fighting for what is right, and making choices with love.”

We are at a historic time. Our cultural definition of what it means to be masculine or feminine is being challenged, expanded, demolished, and transformed. In our work, we perceive masculine and feminine energies as two comingled forces of nature, that exist within us all. Divine Masculinity does not exist unless it is in relationship to the Divine Feminine with reverence, humility, and love. This goes beyond men or women providing for or caretaking their loved ones, but discovering the True Feminine that exists, sings, and resonates in all things. It is about protecting what is sacred in life, whether that be the environment, family, community, or a greater calling. In today’s episode of Holy & Human we explore the power and importance of the Divine Masculine. Tune in if you are called to investigate the endless possibilities and forms of sacred Masculinity.

 Ep. 35 A Conversation With Arielle Ford & Brian Hilliard

Join us for this intimate conversation with Arielle Ford and her partner Brian Hilliard. Arielle is a prolific writer on sacred relationships, including the international bestseller, The Soulmate Secret: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction. In this episode, we explore Arielle and Brian’s Twin Flame relationship, cover tools for creating fulfilling intimacy, and investigate the true meaning of love in our lives. For us, this light, humorous, and at times profound interview felt more like a couple’s date! And, we were reminded that wisdom can be as simple, and complicated, as remembering to love.

Arielle founded The Ford Group, alongside her sister Debbie Ford (author of The Dark Side of the Light Chaser) which went on to become recognized as America’s foremost book publicist. The Ford Group was instrumental in launching the careers of many NY Times bestselling self-help authors including Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Neale Donald Walsch, and don Miguel Ruiz.

 Ep. 34 Our Twin Flame Story

Some relationships are formed out of convenience, some out of convention and some are born out of Divine revelation. Initially, our twin flame reunion was fraught with issues of timing (another marriage) real-world challenges (a child), and social norms (a 13-year age difference). In today’s podcast, we discuss the nitty-gritty of how we navigated the human realm with the Holy, as our lives were flipped turned upside down. We truly had to leave the lives we had planned for the one that was waiting for us.

 Ep. 33 Twin Flames & Soul Mates

Through our own Twin Flame experience, we felt Soul reunion, expanded our idea of what Love could be, and deepened our own individual relationships with our own Souls. In the past, we have been hesitant to reveal the depth of our experience—but in today’s podcast, we explain why, while working through the barriers and finally sharing the REAL story. We cover the characteristics, challenges, and Soul mission of Twin Flame and Soul Mate relationships and how to use every relationship to embody Soul and become a conduit of Love.

 Ep. 32 The Soul Mission of an Empath

We have noticed a trend on social media claiming “empaths" are simply the result of trauma response. This theory states that the development of empath nature is purely a hyper-vigilant reaction to unprocessed trauma, often from the family of origin. While unprocessed trauma can definitely contribute to the development of psychic skills needed for survival, to say this is the ONLY reason is shortsighted. In today’s podcast of Holy & Human, we talk about the Soul reasons why people are born to be empaths along with the difference between unconscious and conscious empathy.


 Ep. 31 A Big Announcement

Join Adam & Elisa for a huge, exciting announcement!!! Then, we share our latest life stories, including a terrifyingly (yet hilarious) lone-Soul hiding in the woods, our 7-year old's birthday party planning details and a ridiculous UFO sighting. Let us know over on our instagram what you think of the new announcement!

 Ep. 30 The Gnostic Gospels

In 1945, a library of wisdom teachings resurfaced in the Egyptian desert. Considered as important of a historical discovery as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Gnostic Gospels champion our own inner connection and Divine spark. When we have access to living wisdom, we don’t need to look to others to discover our true nature and purpose—we only need to look within. Soul connection inoculates us from external manipulation—leaving those seeking control and power, helpless. This threat of power-loss propelled the roman church to confiscate and burn the mystical Gospels deemed un-Christian in the 6th century. Due to the inherent potential for spiritual revolution, this wisdom, known as Gnosis, has been historically minimized and redacted from mainstream religion.

In today’s episode, Adam and Elisa explore Gnosticism of the early Christians and their worship of the Divine Feminine. We weave the thread between the historical journey of Jesus the Mystic, Carl Jung, and our current Soul Work. We discuss the spiritual significance of Mary Magdalene, who in Gnosticism is recognized as foremost of the Apostles and the cosmic blueprint of the Sophia lineage. Today we look to the past to make sense of our modern mystical experiences and reclaim the Divine Feminine in our lives.

 Ep. 29 How Do You Know Truth?

The other day someone asked, (in response to a post about Soul), “How do you know this?” I didn’t feel the energy behind the comment was attacking or condemning but was directly questioning: ‘How do you come to any of these conclusions about Soul?’ I could sense there was a resonance with the material but the rational mind was still at the forefront of interpretation and understanding. We both actually deeply appreciate this question and have been wrestling with it, very consciously, for our whole lives. How, as humans, do we know anything? What is Truth? How do we know what truly Love is? What is the difference in atmosphere or quality in ourselves when we are trapped in trauma versus when we receive direct spiritual insight and intuition? This discussion inspired our next podcast: How do you know Truth? We discuss epistemology (the study of knowing) and the often minimized and overlooked qualities behind how we know the deeper, spiritual truths: the Feminine Principle. To enter into the arena of Soul––the heart, not the mind, is the origin of our understanding and interpretation. Elisa said this may be her favorite topic yet.

 Ep. 28 From Offended to Connected

When was the last time you were offended? Can you remember what was annoying you? While the Soul does feel true sadness, anger, and even outrage at the injustice and pain in the human world--when we feel ‘offended’ it is a sign that the ego has been activated. The good news is that we can use this moment as an inquiry to bring more Love and healing to our wounded parts and ultimately, to each other.

What if instead of reacting, we become curious and look deeper. Where are we threatened? Where do we feel unseen? What are our belief systems that may hold up this feeling of offense?

Part of Soul work is using our ego triggers as spiritual opportunities. Sometimes the work is to feel our deeper feelings. We may need room to connect to our true Soul grieving and rage to clear out some of our own egoic reactivity. Can we utilize the content of our lives to further our spiritual evolution and growth? In this way, we truly use the conditions of this planet to turn ourselves into the embodiment of Love. In this podcast, we hold space for this ego unraveling, as well as offer some helpful tips to bring tolerance, patience, and healing to our lives.

 Ep. 27 Your Ex's

This episode is brought to you from the parking lot of a mall where Elisa & Adam discuss what they wish they could tell their ex’s and what they know now that they didn’t know then. Stay tuned for a discussion on how to know when to apologize (and when not to), identifying unconscious sexual intentions, and astral communication with ex’s.

 Ep. 26 Attachment Theory and The Soul

Through their relationship sessions, Adam and Elisa have witnessed the importance of discovering and working consciously with our attachment styles. How we attach makes a radical difference in the quality of all our relationships. When we understand the nature of our attachment we can work to heal old wounds and update family patterns and traumas to facilitate healthy relationships. In today’s episode, we discuss the main types of attachment styles: avoidant attachment, anxious attachment, fearful-avoidant attachment, and secure attachment. We go into how this psychological work ushers in true Soul communion.

Ep. 25 Finding Divine Flow


Adam and Elisa come with no planned content and explore the process of being in the present to access Divine Flow, leading to some interesting conversations about the evolution of their own relationship. This is also the episode where their parakeets are chatty in the background and Adam completely unironically says, “True dat."

 Ep. 24 The Wisdom of Carl Jung

Carl Jung is known as one of the most influential psychiatrists of all time. Jung founded analytical psychology and was among the first in his field to explore the spiritual nature behind human psychology. He argued that empirical evidence was not the only way to arrive at psychological or scientific truths and that the Soul plays a key role in the psyche. In today’s show, we speak with expert in all things Jungian, Gary Bobroff. We investigate synchronicities, shadow, the paranormal, personality typology, and the outer limits of our own consciousness.


Ep. 23 The Spiritual Cause of Infidelity


In today’s podcast, we talk about the spiritual cause of infidelity. We discuss the recent news of Hillsong megachurch pastor, Carl Lentz’s firing over his ‘moral failures’ and how affairs can serve as an opportunity for deeper intimacy and awakening. When psychology is valued and utilized along with spirituality, we recognize the 'gold in our symptoms' and view pathology as an attempt towards the integration of the shadow into consciousness. Instead of moralizing through a simplistic lens of 'good or bad', we become curious about our projections, sexual attractions, or porn use, to discover where the motivation is truly coming from—bringing healing to our wounds and ultimately being able to experience the eternal unconditionality of True Love.

Ep. 22 The Feminine and Masculine Face of God


This episode comes to you from Adam & Elisa’s bed, in this ultra-comfortable episode wandering through cosmic & personal stories. We deep dive into the belief that in order to end emotional suffering, we must sever all our attachments to this world. But this is the old guard of ‘enlightened’ spirituality. The new paradigm honors the radical reality of the Divine Feminine, which respects Soul-level attachment. The Feminine Face of God knows True Love is ALWAYS attached; just as the mother in labor is attached to her baby’s survival and will move mountains to assure the safety and health of her child. Choosing non-attachment to avoid pain is equivalent to avoiding a relationship out of fear of heartbreak. Join us in this radical reframe.

Ep. 21 A Conversation with Prentis Hemphill


Today, on our podcast, Holy & Human, we share a deeply moving conversation with Prentis Hemphill.

Elisa found Prentis's writing online and was immediately struck by a unique, embodied, and powerful stand-out voice and message. The words were so particular—obviously chosen with great care—but also carried the deep resonance of naked, raw truth communicated honestly and in a profound, new way.  We immediately wanted to get Prentis on the show aware this type of writing is only the result of a singular type of deep commitment to inner-mining, that is incredibly rare.  Authenticity is a term thrown about often but Prentis really is an example of someone doing the work to honor the inner landscape, in order to show up authentically for the crucial outer work the world so desperately needs right now.

Prentis is a committed Somatics teacher, practitioner, and writer living and working at the convergence of healing, individual and collective transformation, and political organizing. Prentis has worked with powerful movements and organizations, most recently as the Healing Justice Director at Black Lives Matter Global Network. In 2016, Prentis was awarded the Buddhist Peace Fellowship Soma Award for community work inspired by Buddhist thought. Prentis is the founder of the Black Embodiment Initiative and host of the Finding Our Way Podcast.

Ep. 20 Free Will & God


In today’s episode Adam and Elisa wax poetic about the intense nature of this time on the planet, our limited projections on God, the creator's stubborn requirement of free will, mystic Etty Hillesum and the Soul’s process of sainting.

Ep. 19 A Conversation with Connor Van Vuuren


We are obsessed with comedians because of their ability to crack the matrix through comedy. Disarming people while transmitting deeply-felt, emotionally- charged, hard-to-swallow truths is such a Jedi Knight skill to have.

So, when we discovered the hilarious Australian show, Bondi Hipsters (about two spiritually inflated hipster characters), and Soul Mates (where reincarnation is the ongoing storyline) we were hooked.

With spiritual themes like reincarnation, the Illuminati, Jesus, and Ayahuasca, we knew we had to get the creative mind behind this groundbreaking material on our podcast, Holy & Human. Join us with writer, director, and actor Connor Van Vuuren, as we weave the profound with the profane and discuss the spiritual dimension of the creative process, his own spiritual awakening, and the Soul of comedy.

Ep.18 A Conversation with Officer Clemmons


You may have seen a vintage photo recently resurfacing on social media of Mr. Roger’s cooling his feet with the show’s beloved Officer Clemmons. In the 1960s, segregation was still widely enforced in swimming pools, and this small act on a children’s show was a conscious stance against social inequality. Fred wanted to enlighten the next generation, and the photo’s recent appearance is a testament that this is still a much-needed lesson. Yet, even more profound than Mr. Roger’s statement on public television, is Clemmons's life story. 

Francois was a close friend of Mr. Rogers and played Officer Clemmons for 25 years. François not only endured life-long racism but also bigotry for being homosexual —including Fred’s own fears that the show would lose their sponsorships if they featured an openly gay character. A talented singer, Francois went on to create the world-renowned Harlem Spiritual Ensemble—dedicated to preserving, sustaining, and commissioning new and traditional arrangements of American negro spirituals. He also received a Grammy for his performance in Porgy and Bess. His recent memoir tells the story of deep self-inquiry and spiritual discovery. Join us for this intimate and powerful conversation, on the Black Lives Matter movement, confronting bigotry and racism, the incredible power of music, and just what it means to be a Soul in an unjust world.

Ep.17 Astrological Wisdom for These Times


Global intensity is reaching a fever pitch. We are experiencing psychological and systemic death and birth pains as the old systems crumble. Astrology helps give us archetypal awareness to help navigate it all with perspective, consciousness, and a felt relationship to greater meaning.


Ep.16 Transcending the Matrix in These Times


Hold onto your tinfoil hats! Today we discuss Elisa’s own astral experience where she discovered the false light grid of fear programming around the planet, otherwise known as ‘the Matrix’. In the eternal battle of Love vs Fear, there are powerful forces who benefit if we are not connected to our power and spiritual sovereignty. This can be seen in our current political structures, in mainstream news, in pop culture, and often in advertising. Yet, when we connect to Soul, we are protected and inoculated to manipulation and lies through our heart connection to all of humanity. We are alive at a powerful collective moment of awakening and it is more important than ever to connect to your Soul in Love. Let’s strip down false programming so that we can show up as Love for our human family.

Ep.15 A Conversation with Jonas Elrod & Mara Evans


We are huge fans of Jonas Elrod’s documentary film, ‘Wake Up’, and often recommend it as a crucial resource for anyone bumping along on a spiritual path. Jonas was living an ordinary life until he woke up one day to a totally new reality. He suddenly had a spiritual opening that caused him to see and hear angels, demons, auras, and ghosts. With his loving but skeptical girlfriend (now wife, Mara Evans) he searches for answers and delves into the thrilling world of the phenomenal and spiritual. Along the way, he encounters an amazing group of spiritual teachers, scientists, mystics, and healers who help him piece together this intricate puzzle. Jonas also created the powerful series, In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod, featured on the OWN channel.  Join us in the casual, deep conversation where we get down to the nitty-gritty on all things spiritual.

Ep.14 Thriving as an Empath with Stacey Barnes & Danica Patrick


Empaths are highly sensitive individuals who have the natural ability to step into the reality of others around them. Most empaths are unaware of their own unique nature and accept anxiety and overwhelm as a natural part of life. This superpower can be a gift of compassion and consciousness-expanding or become a curse of messy boundaries and the 'disease to please’. We will cover how to transform heightened empathy into a Soul awakening. Join us with super empath, Stacey Barnes, as we talk with her and her good friend, Danica Patrick, on how to thrive as an empath.

Ep.12 Messages from the Otherside


What really happens after we die? For most of us, we don’t ponder that question until someone close to us passes away. Then, we are suddenly, initiated into the mystery of death through questions like, “Where did they go?” “Are they OK?” and “Does our relationship and our Love, live on in some way?"

In today’s comforting and light-hearted show, we discuss the most common messages we receive from the other side. For nearly a decade we have connected to these mystical, powerful, and meaningful messages of hope, Love, and connection. Now, we share the most powerful teachings we have received.

Ep.13 A Conversation with Danica Patrick


We are thrilled to share our next episode of Holy & Human with our very first guest, Danica Patrick. Danica is a globally recognized racing driver who succeeded in the male-dominated world of professional motorsports. Although she is well-known, what you may not know about Danica, is that she is, at heart, a true mystic. Danica’s natural curiosity and drive have caused her to seek a relationship with life beyond the physical plane. Danica traveled up to the Soul barn where we got to record this beautiful, organic, conversation about how she met and connected to her Soul, Lucy. Danica is a perfect messenger of Soul, making this often confusing and invisible world, relatable through her grounded and thoughtful perspective. This intimate conversation is filled with examples of Danica’s courage to go beyond the conventional and know truth and Soul directly.

Ep.11 Parenting from Soul


Parents are some of the many unsung heroes in the global Coronavirus pandemic. Conscious parenting is a profound spiritual path initiating us to re-parent our own unhealed wounds while receiving deep fulfillment by way of radical attachment and Love. How do we stay connected ourselves and offer emotional regulation to our family while taking on the surprising new job of homeschooling? Join us in our offering to parents everywhere, as we talk about using Soul’s wisdom to bring relief and joy to the daily challenges of raising a family.

Ep.10 Staying Connected in Times of Fear


The Coronavirus can bring with it uncertainty, confusion, and fear. Yet, we can also use this historic moment to embody Love. If every problem has a spiritual solution, what is the Divine guidance for this time? This show is heavy on compassion, comfort, reminders from Soul and self-care. 

Ep.9 Love & Fear in Times of Crisis


Even in this global moment of great uncertainty, we have an opportunity to deepen our relationship to ourselves and the Divine. If we honor our own emotional process with care and compassion, we are more available to hold space for others. This episode is like a warm, fireside chat to check in emotionally and help process these challenging times.

Ep.8 Energetic Anatomy: Energetic Protection


In this super practical episode of Holy & Human, we discuss the ways people or entities prey upon others and give specific strategies on how to feel safe, strong and protected. Bullies can be in human or spirit form—Yet, when we connect to the Soul and it's eternal Love, we are eternally protected and unshakable in our sovereignty. 

Ep.7 Energetic Anatomy: Chakras and Energy Cords


This is the second episode of our three-part series on energetic anatomy.

In this detailed episode, we discuss the chakra system and how it affects physical, emotional and spiritual health. Sometimes changing a relational pattern or moving on completely from a relationship can be challenging. We learn to cut codependent or toxic energy cords from unhealthy relationship dynamics which drain us of our clarity, life-force, and purpose. This episode can empower you to take charge of your body, relationships, and destiny.

Ep.6 Energetic Anatomy: The Energy of The Soul


This is the first episode of our three-part series on energetic anatomy.

Understanding the human energy system is incredibly powerful for physical, mental and spiritual health. In today’s show, we investigate our essential life-force, the aura. With practical exercises and examples, we teach you to take charge of your energetic hygiene and relate to others through this physical manifestation of Soul in the body.

Ep.5 The Soul of Writing


The creative process can be exhilarating and excruciating. Writing, in particular, can facilitate profound Soul-healing and self-discovery but also trigger resistance, insecurity, and comparison. Adam and Elisa candidly share their own experiences of writing and creating from Soul. Much of this discussion is applicable not only to writing but any creative project.

Ep.4 Becoming Psychic


In media, psychics are often presented as new-age flakes or con artists--yet powerful stories of premonitions, ghost encounters, synchronicities or dreams which actualize, are quite common. Why are we, as a collective, so reactive to psychics and the mystical realm? Why is 'intuition’ considered mainstream but the idea of psychics or mediums considered ‘fringe’? Who benefits if we don’t trust our own spiritual authority and intuition? In this episode, we dig into the underlying beliefs and assumptions behind our culture’s interpretation of what is and isn’t possible.

Ep.3 Soul Activism & Self-Care


Even the casual observer can tell extreme polarities are increasing globally. Culturally, interpersonally, politically, and even literally in our weather patterns, tension and instability are increasing. In this critical moment of collective human consciousness, what will we choose? How do we stay connected to Soul when times feel bleak, overwhelming or dismal? What does self-care look like when Love urgently demands we collectively wake up. We connect you to the incarnated Love story behind it all, which is continually unfolding.

Ep.2 Soul and Mental Health


Utilizing Elisa’s experience as a psychotherapist, we deep dive into psychological health from the vantage point of Soul.

In this episode we cover:
*Why “Get over it” or “Raising your vibe’ doesn’t heal trauma

*How medication and therapy can help facilitate deeper Soul work

*The physical/scientific benefits of crying to heal body memories
*How uncomfortable feelings and memories can be mined as Soul jewels to incarnate your Higher Self

We are always excited about the marriage of psychology and spirituality to help bring relief to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Enjoy! 

Ep.1 How to Connect and Talk With Your Soul


Your Soul is an eternal source of comfort, wisdom, and clarity. Elisa & Adam answer listeners questions on how to connect to your inner-guru. We end with a guided meditation so listeners may receive a direct message from their own Soul.

In this episode we cover:

*The crucial differences between ego voice and Soul voice

* Simple techniques to make Soul connection natural and easy

* How to connect even when you feel stressed or blocked


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