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Soul Sessions give you the answers to life’s questions, from the perspective of your Soul. We all get caught up in the problems and stressors from day-to-day. Yet your Soul has a larger and more vast perspective of your life than you do. (It’s like seeing the view from the penthouse vs. looking out the first floor). During a session, (also called a “reading”), you receive information from this your Soul while learning to connect to your Soul Voice to have a direct experience of the Divine part of yourself. You receive specific and helpful–practical, grounded, spiritual information. (I call this, ‘getting your Soul’s Marching Orders.’) I help to facilitate this direct experience of your Soul Self.

A good intuitive reading validates the intuitive hunches that you have felt previously, while leaving you feeling empowered, clear, understood and relieved. Readings are always in the spirit of collaborative partnership.

Whether the topic is related to work, relationships, health, finances, or love—the Soul has it’s own unique perspective which can dramatically transform and heal your life. When you access your inner Soul Voice, you stay connected to the wisdom that wants you to be healthy and makes life meaningful.

Soul Sessions are surprisingly intimate and done over the phone, on Skype, FaceTime or Zoom (International clients are done online to avoid international phone charges). In-person sessions are available for those nearby or taking a trip to visit the Soul Barn, held on Elisa’s sacred wooded property on a small island outside of Seattle, Washington. See the FAQ’s for further information.


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