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What kind of questions should I ask?

A good reading relies on good questions. The more specific your question is, the more specific the answer will be. For the best use of the session, avoid questions that assume your future is fated: “What is my future – when will (blank) happen?” but instead ask: “What are the energies that I can shift or clear that are blocking the desired manifestation (in regards to relationships, career, health, friendships)? A helpful and efficient question is always: “What does my Soul want me to know about (blank)?” Please do not ask questions focused entirely on another person’s information, opinions or attitudes. The most empowering questions are sculpted towards your own path and the effects your possible actions will have on your life.

Determining how to prepare for a session depends on your own preference. Many people find it beneficial to take time before the session to jot down the most important topics they want to cover. However, incredible sessions also happen when clients do not know what they want to ask, but have a strong feeling that we are “supposed to speak.” Those clients are open to whatever comes up in the session organically, or through the chakra scan at the beginning of the session.

After scheduling the session you may notice that certain subjects will “become loud” and make themselves known to you. Either through synchronicities or a dream, your Soul will put your attention on a topic that wants to be made conscious; bring that topic to our session.

It is often helpful to have a pen and paper ready for note taking. During the session I often refer to other resources (books, lectures, worksheets or videos) that are in alignment with your Soul.

What happens in a session?

Before the reading, I center and clear myself in meditation so I am ready to read. Next, I ask a client to say her/his name out-loud three times, (for energetic permission to look at her space). I receive an energetic blueprint from the Soul and then begin to look at the overall energy, as well as the chakra centers, for anything that is trying to get my immediate attention (such as blocks, stuck energy, or relationship ‘cords’ with other people). I then begin with a general overview of the main issues that I see. Next, I ask what topics/challenges/questions the client has, and look at his energetic space with those issues in mind. I next go through a more intensive, specific reading, according to the client’s interest.

How do I benefit by talking to my Soul?

The Soul is the constant, daily workhorse, which gives practical, grounded information to guide your life towards joy and fulfillment. Your Soul is a real, energetic entity–you, on another vibrational plane–which longs to be in communion with you. Your Soul wants you to actualize your uniqueness, your Individuation, here on the planet.

Through our sessions, we increase the relationship with your Soul; this raises your consciousness and allows embodiment of this all-loving and all-seeing Guide. You are no longer alone after making this contact. This connection alleviates suffering because you will finally understand the meaning of the events in your life. Random accidents are no longer random. You make room for Sacred Space and the reality of synchronicities or “meaningful coincidences” in your life. A new level of beauty appears as you begin to experience the universe as intelligent and sacred.

What is Soul Orientation?

When we live a Soul-Oriented life we live our lives on purpose. We are living our authentic truth from our biggest potential. We are fully alive and filled with joy, meaning and purpose. When we are disconnected from our Souls we are lost at sea, susceptible to the beliefs and agendas of those around us. Life becomes a task to achieve, tolerate and survive instead of an opportunity to express our deepest hearts and wildest joys.

How long do readings last and what is the cost?

Sessions are an hour long and cost $225.

Do you have a psychic “specialty”?

Every intuitive has a different areas of expertise that often reflect their Soul gifts. Some psychics specialize in medical issues (medical intuitives) or finding lost things (like dowsers). Although I frequently receive medical information, my interest and specialties are: Soul contracts and Soul lessons with friends/family/relationships and relationship issues, achieving your Soul Mission while you are incarnated on this planet, healthy communication, living daily problems from Love, connecting with loved ones from the other side and co-creating abundance with the Divine.

Can you connect me to my loved one that has crossed over?

Many people connect to their loved ones who have crossed over during readings. I cannot promise that a Soul will join us (as it is his free will) but most often, when it is a beloved family or friend, he/she is very aware of the session beforehand (often having a part in setting it up), and makes an appearance. If you are unsure that your loved one would want to appear in a session, you can ask her directly and wait for a dream, a sign or a gut knowing, if she wants to meet in a session.

What is the difference between Soul Sessions and therapy?

Soul Sessions are spiritual in nature and are not therapy. My Minister’s license is the license for these sessions; this work is outside the scope of practice of a Marriage and Family Therapist. It is important to know that this is not the classical therapy or traditional ego maintenance and functioning taught in my graduate program, but I do bring those skills, wisdom and previous experience to my current work. (My focus is not on the healthy functioning of the ego but the degree the ego can serve Soul, which in my experience is what makes life meaningful.) My background is strongly present during sessions and influences the work in an integrative way.

The work is not religious in nature, and does not interfere with a current religious affiliation. It is spiritual in nature as it acknowledges the reality of the invisibles that are very real and stand outside of ego awareness. The work is direct and experiential. It is not about belief, but about experience.

How do you get your energetic information?

‘Our biography is our biology’, is a famous quote from medical intuitive Carolyn Myss. We store all of our history and emotions, our joys, traumas and experiences, on a cellular level within our bodies. An energy reading gives a snapshot of what is currently going on in your energy system; and an energy healing releases somatic traumas and blocks.

I work with your chakra system to bring your physical body and spiritual body into alignment. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning, “spinning wheel”. The Chakras are energy centers that interact with the body’s ductless endocrine glands and lymphatic system. We have 7 main chakras, and then many smaller chakras, which are the Acupressure or Acupuncture points in Eastern Medicine.

How can you know what is best for me, or what my answers are for myself?

I don’t, and would not feel comfortable holding someone else’s power in that way. I really feel we all have our own answers. I want my readings to be an empowering experience for the client.

What makes a good intuitive session?

A good intuitive session helps clients connect to their own intuition with what they already know at a deep level. (Intuition is the courage to know what you already know.)

It is deeply validating to have someone mirror for us our own unique way of viewing and being in the world. Usually we do not know just how incredibly unique we are, because we are so used to being ourselves. During readings I “enter into your reality” and mirror it back to you.

There are many untrained and/or deceptive “psychics”, and sometimes that is the only type of experience people have had with this work. It is important to be discerning and trust your gut about who gives you a reading. You should feel respected, empowered, connected, clear and relieved after a reading. A good reading gives courage to walk your path with less anxiety, resistance and doubt.

Do you believe in a fixed or fated future?

I do not believe that the future is totally fixed or that we are fated for a specific outcome. But I do believe that the energies can be weighed in a certain way that some outcomes are more likely. You never know though, when looking at someone’s energy, if a dramatic energy shift will occur the next day to bring a totally different outcome.

I am scared to get a reading. Isn’t it freaky to work with energies like that? Do you work with dark energies?

People are often nervous about getting a reading if it is their first time or they have had a previous negative experience. There is nothing “freaky” about sessions. We are all natural energy workers who are managing our own energy fields all day long.

I am very ethical and am constantly working to be clear and conscious of the energy that I put into the world. I am a strong believer in karma and my work is heart-based. I am aware that the type of energy we put out comes back to us.

Can you tell me the winning lotto numbers?

I wish I could! But I do not get this type of information. (I also can’t tell you what number you are thinking of right now.)

The Divine is not interested in psychic party tricks. The Divine is interested in getting you on your Soul’s path and helping you to achieve your greatest version of Love in this lifetime. As much as you may think winning the lottery would help that, it is probably not in your Soul’s agenda (unless of course, it is and then…congrats!). Being psychic does not mean you know everything all the time, it means you are in dialogue with the Divine and with the pertinent information spirit wants for you.

I sometimes joke that I am the psychic that does not tell the future or give advice. My ethics, the degree the client is energetically open to the reading, and divine timing all affect the type of information I get.

Do you remember when you said…?

Well, probably not. The readings are incredibly intimate and deeply important to me. But I read in a light trance state. It’s similar to how a dream feels familiar, but you can’t remember the details. The result is low recall after readings. When I bring it up energetically again, in another reading, it comes back to me but if you ask me on the street about what I told you, I probably will not remember saying it.

How often should I book a session?

Some clients schedule a session every 3 months or 6 months for a “checkup,” while others work with me weekly. The client’s that work with me weekly are often working on deep, conscious connection to their Soul and establishing a Soul-Oriented life. Sometimes when a client is in a crisis period I will work with him twice a week. The timing of sessions completely depends on your needs and on what you are working. The ultimately goal is for clients to ask their Souls for the timing of our sessions. So if you don’t know if or when to have a session, ask your Soul.

Do you like doing phone readings?

I do. I actually usually prefer them to in-person readings as I have a greater connection to your Soul Voice without being distracted by a physical presence or non-verbal communication. The great thing about energy readings is that I do not need to be physically next to you to call up your energy in front of me.

Can I have my reading via Skype?

Skype is an option for my overseas clients or clients without a landline. Because Skype has a tendency toward technical glitches and dropped calls, I only recommend Skype for clients in the above circumstances.

By choosing to use Skype, you take responsibility for any technical failures on your end. Landline is often a much safer option. If you choose to use Skype, please be logged on at least a few minutes before the session and make sure you’re not in ‘invisible’ or ‘offline’ mode. I will call you at the time of our appointment.

Can I Record our session?

Previously, I have had clients tape sessions that were found and listened to by family and friends. They heard confidential issues from the session that my clients were not ready and prepared to discuss with their loved ones.

For this reason, I usually try to avoid recording sessions. (I notice when sessions are recorded that I become more self conscious, wondering about all the hypothetical possibilities of who will hear that tape.) If you are aware of these potential issues and would still like to record the session, we can do that.

Please be aware you are responsible for the recording yourself (Elisa is not to be held accountable for problems with the recording). I recommend using FreeConferencing.com (easier to use than the more popular FreeConferenceCall.com). On their website, you will be given a free conference call number and access code. Remember to email me the call-in number and participant access code at least 24 business hours prior to your session. (This free service is now available to many countries, so please check on their site to see if your country is part of the expanded service area. If you are located outside of the US and Canada, be sure to provide me with the US number for the call, not the international number you are given at registration.) Be aware there are phone-based commands to start and stop the recording. (Please refer to the FreeConferencing.com website for further information.)


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