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Elisa and Adam have been hailed as “the top teachers on human connection.” Through merging Elisa’s background as a marriage and family therapist, Adam’s insights on somatic healing, and their intuitive skills they help individuals awaken and deepen their soulful nature within relationships. As married parents of two, Elisa and Adam use practical stories from the trenches of everyday life, their personal spiritual experiences and examples from their work with thousands of couples to teach sacred partnership. They teach that the spiritual journey can be as simple –– and profound –– as getting closer to the people we love. With relationship as a spiritual path, we discover that instead of giving or receiving love, we become love itself. Watch examples of the Holy Love method below. 

The Holy Love Method

Our Philosophy -

The spiritual journey is commonly understood as a path we take alone. Yet, enlightenment does not need to be as far away as meditating on a distant mountain top but can be as close as the people we love. Relationships do not need to be a distraction from spiritual life but rather a radical invitation to spiritual discovery.

We have created a powerful method for relationships we call, Holy Love. During our Holy Love retreats, events, or couples sessions--we introduce you to your identity and embodiment, as a Soul. Once you connect to this all-loving, eternal part of yourself, relationship guidance becomes intuitive and filled with wisdom and grace. Next, we introduce you to the Soul of your partner. Once you see and connect to the Soul of ‘the other,’ relationships are forever changed. 

Relationship offers a unique entry point for spiritual awakening. We use the inherent desire of love to embody our Soul-selves. The carrot of union in relationship becomes the motivator to transform. The Holy hides everywhere, particularly in our flaws. Shadow is often where spiritual gold hides. Because relationship naturally activates shadow so quickly, (while holding us painfully accountable), it is the ultimate arena to transform us into the love we most deeply want. Our spiritual journey can be as simple–– and profound––as getting closer to the people we love.

With our Holy Love method you will:

  • Meet, hear and honor the voice of your intuition—your most loving and wise self—your Soul

  • See the Soul in others—giving them the greatest gift possible—to reflect and mirror their highest potential back to them.

  • Discern who truly belongs in your life and clarify the Soul Contracts that deepen intimacy, depth, and empowerment

  • Master a groundbreaking, intuitive and spiritual communication system (The Four Spiritual Relationships) to reduce conflict and ensure the most powerful communication and highest good of all

  • Experience the spiritual ecstasy of Soul Sex in the bedroom

  • Discover peace, rejuvenation and fulfillment with the people we love by transforming any relationship into a spiritual path of awakening

Lindsey Simcik - Cofounder of Almost 30 Podcast

"It's funny, my soul knew Sean was the one 8 years ago. But my subconscious programming had other plans for me. So for the next handful of years, I spent a lot of energy outsourcing my knowing and entertaining relationships that were misaligned. Today Sean and I have reconnected and my soul is just smiling as I type this. To be working with both of our souls now within our "new" relationship is the greatest gift. Our session with Elisa was a powerful unveiling that showed the purity and purpose of our connection. The stories and insecurities just melted away as Elisa coached us through the Soul to Soul connection. I speak to a lot of spiritual leaders on a daily basis (I host the Almsot 30 Podcast, which Elisa and Adam have been on) but I have to say that there is NOTHING like Elisa and Adam's work together for couples."

Kyle Eliason - Account Manager

“Working with Adam and Elisa has completely shifted the way in which I view my relationship with my wife. We had love and respect, but miscommunication infected the relationship and I thought that patience was the only solution available. I did not know that there was an entire dynamic at play that I was not aware of. With this understanding, the areas in our relationship that previously led to conflict, were now pieces that fit together leading to deeper intimacy. I can honestly say that this training has been the single most important tool for me as a person and for my marriage.”

Laurel Marlantes - Founder of Modern Mourning

"My husband and I joke that you know your relationship is really in the ditch when you literally have to involve a whole other dimension to save it. But that’s exactly what Adam and Elisa did for us. They taught us about and connected us to both our own Souls and each others. And once that happened, we started to see each other through a whole new lens. Old patterns, grudges, and resentments took on new understanding and started to soften. It’s like our marriage finally learned a language where we both felt heard and seen and could communicate deep hurt and deep love in a way traditional therapy never opened the door for. To say I’m grateful for their work is an understatement. I wholeheartedly believe they saved our marriage. And they didn’t just save it, they elevated it. We fell in love all over again. But this time it was for Real. We weren’t naïve to each other's ego, shortcomings, and quirks but started to see them as separate from their true nature, allowing us to step into a deep love and partnership I now can’t imagine living without. I can’t believe we almost called it quits."

Stacey Leigh Barnes, Cofounder Goodytwos Toffee Company

"Thru the continuous work that I have experienced with Adam and Elisa… I have met, felt, seen, and am in consistent communication with my Soul. The shifts within myself and my relationships including my husband have been truly profound. Ben and I continue to honor our souls and our soul connection is held in reverence and no longer taken for granted.  True soul love does exist, it is the purest, safest and all-knowing essence I have ever experienced. I am forever in deep gratitude to Adam and Elisa for their soul connective guidance work.”

Eugenia Twomey, Creative & Healing Arts Practitioner 

"I wanted to offer you and Adam our deepest appreciation for your insight and skill in facilitating our sessions. We have both felt such a profound shift and re-awakened intimacy. Your tenderness and clarity whilst holding space and providing guidance for us was such good medicine - and the practical tools we have learnt are so grounded and simple, it's hard to imagine any other way of loving and relating.”

Holy Love - Couples Retreats

For the last 8 years, Adam and Elisa have offered intimate and deep, conscious relationship retreats during the summer. We call these our 'Holy Love’ retreats. The Soul Barn sits on five tranquil acres surrounded by forest and deer on a beautiful island, a 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle, Washington. Individuals who want to work on their relationship skills as well as couples, fly in from all over the world to participate in these life-changing events. Retreats are an opportunity to connect with us in person, connect to your Soul and the Soul of your partner and build community committed to doing this consciousness work on the planet. Due to Covid, we have taken a short hiatus but make sure you get on our newsletter to stay informed and reserve your spot for upcoming retreats.

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Interviews on Sacred Partnership

Almost 30 Podcast

Elisa Romeo is an author therapist and intuitive, and she’s SO on point when she talks about spirituality. She’s the author of “Meet Your Soul,” which is practically the bible of soul knowledge and information, and a book that has seriously inspired K+L. It’s a clear, powerful guide to connect you with your most sacred self. Our soul is everything; it is the infinite. So, it’s important for us to learn how to connect with it, possibly more important than literally anything else. She talks about soul journaling, the ego of the soul, channeling higher beings, and false light. Near the end of the interview, her twin flame, Adam Foley, joins in the talk about love, masculinity, and spirituality. Get ready to get to know yourself on a whole new level.

The Divine Feminine and Masculine, Twin Flames & Soul Mates

Elisa & Adam are interviewed by Jocelyn Mercado (Sacredplanet.com) on balancing the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine, the importance of Soul lessons and contracts in relationships, and how we come to incarnate our higher all-loving selves. Adan & Elisa answer live questions and do energy healings at 58:00. And they close with a meditation to connect with your Soul and activate Love in your life.


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