When Times Are Dark–Love Bigger

When Times Are Dark–Love Bigger

Dear Beloved,

You are fighting a hard battle down there. It is dense and it is dark. But the task is always the same. To Love and Love Big. Do not take your cues from the appearance of what you see around you. Your job is to be led by Feeling.

Heart-knowing is the only form of intelligence the Feminine understands. She is unmoved by logic or external power. She is the lived experience of the deep eternal knowing that all is One and only Love is Real.

From the eyes of the eternal, it is the choices from Love that are celebrated. Everything else is just practice–A warm up–An attempt at living.

Through the eyes of Love is where we finally see clearly because we are able to truly SEE. The lens of fear is all distortion, panicked attempts at control and the experience of life as a bystander.

To live is to FEEL. And we cannot Feel deeply and Big if our only place of feeling is in the head. The challenge of humanity is to move into the heart–to know and live and feel through the heart.

While this all may sound sentimental or quaint, it is actually the greatest challenge ever presented to you, personally, and to humanity. There is always a good reason to be afraid. There is always reason to fear. This is why the tests of Love are always experienced as challenging. True discernment, patience and navigation are required to pass through the eye of the needle.

The God of reason IS Fear. Fear causes us to act from scarcity as we create solid, water-tight arguments while drowning in self-imposed, secured and rigid walls.

The God of the Heart is Love. Love is the force that MOVES MOUNTAINS. Love creates miracles where before only lived chaos. Love is the energy of inclusion, the Knowing of Trust and the willingness to Surrender. Love is the ability to understand with the whole body that all of life is Sacred and the reflection of the Divine is waiting behind each and every encounter.

The only thing the world needs now is Love. The planet has already experienced many stories of domination, control and plunder. The only craving is for the Feminine heart–The heart of humanity to begin to beat together, as one. The Knowing of Love desires to be embodied and spread throughout the world.

Even when surrounded by proof of the impossible, Love easily rewrites the rules. She is always the fierce holder of Grace. To enter into Her arms you must always first humbly accept your place and surrender to the challenge.

Love is never the ‘What’. It is always the ever and eternal ‘How’. If actions are pursued with the intention of Love, the results build. The wake is unstoppable. The ripples are felt out into the far reaches of the cosmos.

Energy is very real. We are all accountable for what we put out into the world. As much as the ego tries to avoid this Truth, it is the ultimate exposé and point of the whole darn show. How you Love is all you ultimately have and all that ultimately remains. What legacy will you leave behind? One of Love or fear?

Art by Robert Henri, designed by Pallavi


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