Is it time to cut the energy cord

Is it time to cut the (energy) cord?

As energetic beings we are always emiting a frequency and engaging in the energetic communication with others. One way we communicate is through energy cords. The reality is that we have cords that are both positive and negative. Some cords are necessary, (like when we first have a baby) and are there to help psychically connect us. Mothers are often shocked to discover that they leak milk the exact moment while they were away from their newborn after they receive the phone call that the baby has just woken up screaming for milk. Why does this happen? The mothers body is responding to a telepathic communication from a positive energy cord.

But other cords hook into our chakra system and anchor us in the past. These codependent cords can leave us feeling drained, confused and even physically ill.

So, how do we know when an energy cord is unhealthy?


  • Trap us in the past
  • Leave us feeling confused, drained, unsure and weak
  • Prevent us from moving on to potentially healthy relationships in the present
  • Cause us to obsess, “spin out” or ruminate on the other person
  • Frequently checking on the other person through social media (Facebook, Twitter) etc… and then feeling the “crash” afterwards of low self esteem
  • You find yourself having frequent “imaginary” conversations with the person in your head
  • Replaying unempowering situations in your mind where the other person had emotional control (like guilt tripping, passive aggression)
  • Fantasizing about going back to that relationship even though rationally you know this is not healthy for you
  • Finding yourself acting out in reactive ways where you regress or act immature
  • A general feeling of being out of control regarding the relationship, giving it a feeling of addiction
  • Feelings of unrest and a lack of closure in the relationship: a desire for revenge, a need to prove a point, hope that they will “feel bad” and see you looking great.


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