The Simple Practice that Gave Me Everything I’ve Ever Wanted

by Elisa Romeo

I have been Soul journaling almost everyday for the last 20 years.  This is my MAIN daily spiritual practice (even over meditation), and I am still obsessed and fanatical about the whole process. Soul journaling has never let me down. It has become the method in which I met my inner Guru and Spiritual BFF who always has my back and gives the best advice on the planet (and off the planet).

This simple practice has been the foundation for bringing me everything that has been the greatest source of happiness, depth and joy in my career and personal life.

Instead of channeling a spirit guide, Soul journaling is when you channel your Higher Self. In this way we speak directly to the Higher Self (our all-loving, Sainted Self) to receive powerful intuitive information and also to build the energetic container (within the body) to withstand higher levels of Light and Love energy (to advance our spiritual evolution).

Below is a lovely Soul Journaling Session between a client of mine, Diana and her Soul, Maggie–Notice if you can FEEL the energetic difference between ego and Soul vibration. (For more tips on how to connect with your Soul and Soul journal–read the first three chapters of my book for free here: “Meet Your Soul.”)

Diana: What is holding me back Maggie in connecting with you more?
Maggie: Your fear Diana. You are so freaked out to see how the cage in which you think you are trapped is OPEN! You are free. And that is what you cannot see yet. And what you cannot see stays in the darkness and freaks you out. This is the big stepping stone, the next phase you are moving towards.

Diana: Maggie, why do you think I’ve been avoiding talking to you?
Maggie: You are scared of what might come up. All the changes in your life have been big for the last couple of years–And you feel you’ve had your share. But you know, I only make your life better! I want you to live your life fully. And as you raise your consciousness you also do so for the totality of all beings. You need to trust me fully because your potential is big and you do not even realize it.

Diana: Are there any other reasons I’ve been avoiding talking to you Maggie?
Maggie: Sometimes we resist the path we know is ours. Because when we are on that path there is no turning back. Once you are on it all the beauty will unfold but not before you’ve been through the purification process.

Diana: Maggie, no offence to you. But am I doing this right? Sometimes it seems like so much bullshit. Am I really connecting with you? Or am I all making this up?
Maggie: It seems to pour out of your mind but it’s not from your mind. And yes, in a way it sounds familiar because I am a part of you, so this informations is already in you.

Diana:What can I do today Maggie?
Maggie: Stay receptive and in the feeling of your heart, of me.

Are you Soul journaling and talking directly to your Higher Self? I would love to hear about your process and the blessings you have received from it. It is one of my most favorite topics in the multi-verse!


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