The Chakra System

The Chakra System

Most of my client’s have been to a yoga class and heard the instructor mention “chakras” but many do not really understand what the chakra system is all about.

To break it down, “chakra” is the Sanskrit word for ‘spinning wheel’. The 7 main chakras are energy centers located within the body that hold emotional, spiritual, psychological biographical and physical information. The acupuncture and acupressure points are smaller chakras that are located throughout the body, as well. We have some other chakras outside our bodies but located within our “auras” (energetic fields), but we will just start with the main 7 chakras to keep it simple.

The chakras according to Barbara Brennan (diagnostic view) diagram from Hands of Light, Bantam New Age books, 1988, p.46.

In General, the 7 Chakras hold this type of information:

  1.  Security Issues *located at the base of the spine*(Housing/How safe one feels in abody/Financial Issues)
  2.  Emotional Issues *located 2 fingers under the bellybutton* (Sensuality/Sexuality/Creativity)
  3. Will Center *located at the solar plexus* (Assertiveness/Self Esteem/Personal Power)
  4. Heart Center *located at the heart* (Love of mankind/Altruism/Feeling of Connection to the Planet)
  5. Communication Center *located at the base of the throat* (Communication to yourself-how well you allow yourself to know your intuitive information/Communication to Others)
  6. Intuition Center *located at the center of your head* (Your Intuition, The degree you allow yourself to know what you know)
  7. Spiritual Center *located at the top of your head*(Relationship from your spirit to your body/ego)

When doing an energy reading for a client, I begin by scanning the 7 main chakras to look for emotional energetic cords with other people and energetic blocks within the chakras which can be emotional/physical/spiritual or psychological. Then I get a number from 1-100 to represent the percentage that that chakra is opened at that moment in time. There is no need to be concerned about your numbers because our chakras open and close all the time based on what information we are pulling from in that moment. It is giving me general information about how you distribute energy within your body.

I look for stuck energy or patterns that become habitual which are not in the best interest for the health of the client. I like to give the example that if you were almost hit by a car, your first chakra would be wide open, because you are drawing on information about survival, how to be safe in a body and the adreneal glands are activated. If you were sitting around your house relaxing with your first chakra at 90 percent though, that might be uncomfortable for your energy to maintain.

(Chakra image by Jennifer Wasson)

I also look for patterns or how an individual is energetically holding themselves. Perhaps someone has recently gone through a difficult divorce, the second chakra could be open at 96 percent and the fifth could be closed to 12 percent. This might make the person feel they are drained of emotional energy and having difficulty communicating to themselves or their old partner what they are experiencing and intuiting. The next question I ask myself is “Is this number appropriate and comfortable for this individual.” Because what is comfortable for me energetically might very well be what is uncomfortable to you and vice versa. Again, there is no “right” and “wrong” with these numbers because we are all so different and on our own specific spiritual journeys. Throughout the energy reading I get my intuitive “pictures” from inside these 7 main chakras.

At the end of the reading, I then move out blocked energy from the chakras and send new energy or “chi” from the person’s spirit and universe into the chakras and aura. Sometimes there is an emotional release (crying, laughing) as this is happening.

Most of our communication is nonverbal and energetic. We are all energy workers, really. Just like animals, we can immediately read in a room if someone looks unsafe, inviting etc… We all read these “vibes” all the time. Understanding our energy anatomy can help us to stay healthy, emotionally balanced, and vibrant.


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