Our Love Story and Wedding

Our Love Story and Wedding

Today’s blog is a bit different–I wanted to share our recent wedding ceremony with you. But first, I need to explain a bit about the unique nature of our relationship.

When I met Adam my life changed dramatically. I was already married to someone else. At our first meeting alone, while sitting across the room from each other, we both experienced our Soul’s visually leaving our bodies and joining in the space between us. At their merging, we both became overwhelmed with an incredible feeling of Divine-God-Love that felt far beyond personal attachment or attraction.

We felt incapacitated as the intense energy sent waves of bliss/Love down our bodies. We then began to both experience images and feelings from previous lifetimes in which we were together as a couple (In particular, one in Mexico, where we both were receiving the same detailed images of what our home and life looked like.) It was both confusing and palpably Sacred to experience this new person as someone I had already known.

I had some previous experience with past life regression so I had already witnessed images of several of my previous lifetimes; what was most shocking to me was to experience this intimacy with someone who was practically a stranger. Adam was new to the ‘spiritual world’. He had already trained as a yogi and was familiar with Carl Jung’s work but was brand new to seeing energies and past life images. I was protective of his new spiritual awakening and we were both overwhelmed by the intimacy and intensity that we felt for each other.

The next few months we both experienced ‘Love Bombs’, as we called them. At the exact same time, whether we were physically apart or together, we would be overcome with Bliss/God/Love that felt orgasmic. The energy would come in from the head and rush down the body and explode from the heart. I felt an intense connection to all of Life and was brought to tears by the beauty of God. These episodes would last for around 15-30 minutes. (One in particular happened during terrible turbulance on an airplane. Normally I am scared of flight bumps, but instead of terror, I was deep in an incredible state of ecstasy.) We would text each other to ask if the other was experiencing the same incapacitated bliss state at that time. We were shocked that these ‘Love waves’ were always hitting us at the exact same moment. I wondered what was going on and why I was so connected to this stranger. Yet, I began to finally understand Rumi’s ecastic Love poetry (his texts were the only writings that would comfort me) and related deeply to his mystical partnership with Shams. I told my husband of my new bizarre energetic connection with Adam and we spoke about what I should do. I seeked counsel from some of my spiritual advisors and concluded that maybe I should meditate with Adam to discover more about what was going on.

At this time, the world graciously sent us hundreds of very obvious and beautiful synchroncities in support to our union while our egos bumbled around trying to make sense of this ‘new’ relationship. I felt loyal to the morality of my current marriage but also was shocked by the unveiled reality that Adam was the true partner to my Soul. A spiritual loyalty existed that far trumped the loyalty to my physical world promise. I Soul Journaled intensely and prayed for clarity. I was terrified to trust this new relationship and I tried to invent ways to avoid and deny what was happening. Yet, Sophia, my Soul, was clear in her message–whether I decided to be with Adam in my physical life, or not, he was–and would always be–my true spiritual husband.

It became plainly apparent that if I didn’t follow this inner knowing I would abandon the opportunity to truly be mySelf in this lifetime. Friends and family warned me of the seeming recklessness of my decision–But how could I urge my clients to follow the whispering of their own Soul’s if I lacked the courage to follow my own? The most difficult and meaningful Soul lessons are the ones where Soul guides you to go beyond where your ego is comfortable. I knew that I was being asked to walk my talk and surrender my life to Soul. The gauntlet was thrown: Choose Love or fear.

I am grateful for the personal work that my now ex-husband has done to move beyond the pain of this Soul lesson. He has moved onto a wonderful relationship and a much better match with a woman that I am deeply grateful for. He is an incredible father and she is an amazing gift to my son that I share with him and we all co-parent together peacefully.

It is impossible for me to really talk about how I feel about Adam. He is my true spiritual teacher on every level and I often feel confused as to how I have received such Love. He is proof to me that God is Good and God is Love. The universe is an all Loving one, behind all struggles. We are all meant to trust our lives and the Soul process which breaks us open into our unique forms of Love. As we do this, we collectively weave the tapestry of experience that warms all of humanity and reflects the heart journey that we are all here to birth on the planet.

It was important to us that our wedding ceremony reflect what we have learned spiritually through our Divine Union. The thing that I am most proud of in all my life is that even though our egos were terrified, we had the courage to follow and embrace this Love that exists beyond lifetimes.

Adam and Elisa’s Wedding Ceremony, August 15, 2015

Today we gather to celebrate the marriage of Adam and Elisa. This ceremony is a public affirmation of their bond to their dearest family and friends.

Life is filled with challenges, trials and surprises. Yet Life is also beautiful. When we Love with our whole hearts we truly fulfill our spiritual purpose: To be Present on this spinning ball of stories and commit ourselves to goodness.

The journey of life often forces us to ponder the topic of meaning: Does it all mean something or are we living in a haphazard and meaningless universe?

Love, in particular, can make us feel especially connected to the meaning of the universe while heartbreak can instantly make us question if there is any meaning at all.

This marriage today is a celebration resulting from the honest search of ‘how to live as Love’. When we humbly accept the energy of Love into our lives we become clear in our understanding of the inherent purpose behind all challenges and begin to sense the underlying destiny behind the daily plot line.

We can accept and live Love whether we are partnered or single. The state of being in Love is one that is available to everyone and wants to pervade your life and touch all moments. Yet, sometimes Souls are brought together with the inherent plan of experiencing a spiritual partnership: the purpose of the relationship being to hold each other accountable to opening each other to a continual deeper knowing of their True and Eternal selves that are, in fact, Love.

Today we honor the relationship of Adam and Elisa. This is a relationship not about personal convenience but about a commitment to living on the planet in this heart-exposing way.

What brought these two individuals together was a prayer. This mutual prayer was founded in a deep desire to live, in service for not only each other but to bring more Love to the planet in which they share.

The great mystic poet Rumi once wrote: Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.

Before their meeting, Adam and Elisa had a practical view of Love. They thought that love relationships were an external search to find a partner and fall in love. But after they found each other, they experienced a strong sense of re-union, and were surprised to discover that some meetings are truly, inevitable. Some love exists before meeting.


When Elisa experienced this, she knew that whether she would commit her physical, human life to Adam she had discovered that Adam was always, and will always be, her spiritual husband. She finally understood what Rumi was talking about.


The nature of this particular union is to hold them each accountable to their Souls. Which is the Love that they intended, initially, to share with the planet. They are beyond honored to celebrate this re-union and honor this prayer with you today.


Adam to Elisa:

Elisa, I love you. You’ve shown me the most important part of myself. You’ve shown me a meaning and purpose beyond words, through our children but also through everything about you. From the moment I met you I was taken. You are the most incredible Soul. I know now that love is real and possible and that I’ve been fortunate enough to have found it, hold it and call it my own. It is not an exaggeration to say; you are the reason I wake up and feel deep gratitude everyday. I will always cherish you and I will always love you. I vow to love and honor you all the days of our life and for all time. I am Love for you.


Elisa to Adam:

Adam, it is the deepest honor of my life to marry you today. I’m so proud of us for following this love even when it felt unpredictable. I realize now the smartest decision I’ve ever made is to commit my life to you.

To wake up next to you everyday and raise our beautiful family is where I feel my deepest happiness and the most true place of myself. I vow to love and honor you all the days of our life and for all time. I am Love for you.

(All photos by Heather Allison Photography)


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