Why do I keep seeing 11:11?

Why do I keep seeing 11:11?

“Your crown has been bought and paid for. All you have to do is put it on your head”-James Baldwin 

Everything has a vibration. It may be surprising to consider numbers as carrying their own unique meaningful vibrations, because they are often considered somewhat cold and neutral, factual and unbiased, consistent and predictably repeatable–like math facts or geometry. Yet, numerology, the study of the significance of numbers, is based upon this very truth. Often clients will ask me what is the meaning of specific repeating numbers. For example, you may notice the number 34 frequently appearing to you on license plates while driving your car. Different numbers have different meanings, and today’s post is going to focus on the frequently seen number pattern of 11:11.

Most often my clients say they see 11:11 appearing to them on digital clocks, cell phones, license plates, other signage or in phone numbers. Besides seeing the numbers repeatedly, clients also report a feeling of sacred space when they come upon these digits. It is often accompanied with a heightened awareness like a feeling that time has slowed down. There is frequently a realization that Spirit is trying to get a point across and make something Known.

This often then leads people to try googling “What does 11:11 mean?” If you do this you may have found yourself overwhelmed by the contradictory information on this topic. I believe this is because well-intentioned people are assuming that their message, being powerful and real, is the same message for everyone. This is not the case.

While it is true that numbers carry with them specific messages, you also need to know your relationship to that number (or that particular vibration). When you dream of a snake, don’t assume that every snake in every dream always represents phallic imagery or the masculine. The snake does carry with it archetypal meaning, but you also have your own personal meaning for Snake. If you have been personally bitten by a snake you will have a very different relationship to snakes than, for example, someone who is a snake handler at a zoo. It is the same towards the vibration of numbers.

The archetypal aspect of 11:11 is that it is an opportunity to hear your Soul more clearly than at other times. When you see 11:11, it is like a high-five from the universe. You are being acknowledged and validated for being in alignment with your Soul. Know that you are standing at the entry to a portal. You are given the choice to get closer to your Soul in this moment. The veil of  illusion (Mya) has been temporarily lifted and you are being given an opportunity to penetrate into your Soul’s Truth.

11:11 in particular, has a highly personal element to it. 11:11 is a sign to slow down and inquire about what is trying to make itself known to you in your life at this time. Take a moment to reflect and center and ask your Soul what is being revealed to you in this powerful sacred moment when the veil is transparent.


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