Is The “Law of Attraction” Anti-Soul?

Is The “Law of Attraction” Anti-Soul?

The Law of Attraction.

You’ve probably heard about it. You’ve probably heard that “thoughts become things” and that “everything is vibration”.  You may have heard of vision boarding, how ‘gratitude is the attitude’ and about the power of intention.

You may have even heard of “The Teachings of Abraham” and “The Secret”. The power of visualization is not new news. And even the most conservative psychologists admit perspective and outlook have much to do with the world’s feedback–how you are treated and what comes your way in life.

After learning some basic Law of Attraction concepts, many people become super excited about what they can create. The thing is: the law of attraction works. Anyone who has spent some time with a vision board has been shocked by the synchronicities that occur with a little focus and persistence. Sometimes a form of psychological inflation can come rushing in as they begin to believe that they really can do anything, have anything and be anything.

Is it true?

Can we really do, have and be anything we dream of?

The answer is…it depends.

It depends on where you are dreaming from.

We do incarnate or “come in” to the planet, with certain elements in place, (such as family contracts), set up for our Soul Lessons. They are the specific, perfectly chosen elements that will most help us grow into the unique flavor of Love that our Soul intends for us on planet earth. We may “come in” with a disability, a limitation or certain hardships (like a low income family or impoverished area of the world). So some of the “rules of the game” are predetermined, from Love for our greatest good. If our Soul’s handed us lemons, it is our job to make lemonade.

Is your manifesting coming from ego or Soul?

We do have freewill to create, but are your creations getting you closer to your Soul or serving as distraction? From a Soul Perspective it’s not really efficient, productive or desirable to “do anything that you put your mind to.” The Soul is interested in you (your ego) becoming more of that unique flavor of your Soul through your life.

So we do have freewill…we can choose to listen to or ignore Soul.

What if I decided right now I wanted to be the best basketball player of all 5 foot 3 inch women in the world?  What if I had a dream to slam dunk and school all the other shorties on the b-ball court. Maybe I was brought up in a basketball family and always wanted my basketball playing father’s approval. Maybe my dreaming of b-ball greatness was coming from repressed, (or not so repressed) daddy issues.

If I began practicing everyday, spending hours on the court, I’m sure I would get better. And maybe I would even practice enough to be recognized by others as being really, really good. Maybe if I had it on my vision board I would have some breakthrough crazy basketball opportunities come my way. Maybe I would gloat to my friends as I landed the cover of “Short Girls Who Got Hops” magazine.

But, guess what? If it’s not in my Soul’s agenda for me to know myself in this lifetime through the context of basketball…all that practicing and fame would serve as a huge procrastination of Soul.

Don’t make your manifestations be ego distractions from Soul. 

The truth is we can manifest consciously off our path. We can work really hard to create, produce and promote things that are not Soul Aligned. We can make money from sources that are not in our best interests, find relationships that are not Soul fulfilling and chase careers that are not how our Soul wants us to spend our precious time on earth.

We are not meant to be creators, we are meant to be co-creators. And we co-create with Soul.

Manifesting a shiny red corvette, a basketball career, or a husband with an amazing sense of style does not necessarily advance our spiritual path.

Unless it does.

The only way to know is to “ask your Soul”.

So, how do you ask your soul and discover if the items on your vision board are in alignment with your Soul?

Here are some clues:

1) Does you manifestation come from the front of your head (from the ego as a concept or an idea) or can you feel the desire from your deepest heart?

2) Is it a desire that you can trace back, in some way, throughout your whole life? (For example: you have always enjoyed sharing ideas and communicating since you were young and your dream is to become a public speaker.)

3) Do your manifestations help you to feel more connected to the Divine or like you are micromanaging life? (Like the manifestation is feeding an endless hole and if your manifestation manifested you still have a nagging feeling of needing more)

4) Does your desire for what you are manifesting come from FEAR (to be accepted, in some way running from yourSelf) or LOVE (a way to surrender into your authenticity and service to others)?

Trust that your Soul has a plan. We do have freewill and can manifest things into being. The issue is are we manifesting from ego or Soul? Are our manifestations in alignment with our Soul plan?

Your Soul is not interested in having you give orders to the universe, like you are ordering a caesar salad at a restaurant. Your Soul wants you in a state of receptivity–open, listening, serving and connected. Your Soul wants you to be in devotion, honoring the beauty and mystery of the vastness that you are… finding your divinity through the dance with the eternal part of yourself.  Then, the most unexpected (ironic) thing happens. You get more than you could have ever imagined.


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