How to have a psychic connection with your pet: Animal Communication 101

How to have a psychic connection with your pet: Animal Communication 101

Animals are psychic. (Some strictly refer to this sense as ‘instinct’ but I say: Same diff. We humans also have ‘instincts’ that tell us, for example, when someone may be dangerous with no ‘rational explanation’ as to how we know this.)

Your dog knows immediately which dog to befriend and which to steer clear of at the dog park. Your cat can sense your mood change and knows when to come give you a cuddle. Animals have much to teach us about trusting our own ‘instincts’. 

“I want to tell you I LOVE this poncho.”

Dogs can predict when seizures will occur in humans. Seizure dogs are trained to lie on top during the episode and go get help after. Scientists are still scratching their heads as to how dogs know this in advance of the occurrence. Biochemist Rupart Sheldrake, has already shown through his famous experiment that dogs are capable of telepathy and know when their owners will come home. And you may have heard of the wild elephants inexplicably walking miles to pay tribute to Lawrence Anthony, the conservationist that saved their lives.

People often ask me if it is possible as humans, to communicate psychically with animals. The answer is “Yes, of course!” Telepathy (psychic communication by ‘talking mind-to-mind’) is possible whenever talking to Soul, and of course, animals have Souls.

My dog Hawk–always in Love with my babies.

Some psychics specialize only in animal communication. Click here to watch an inspiring video of Anna Breytenbach’s beautiful and healing work.

You can also learn to psychically ‘talk’ to your animals whether they are sitting right in front of you, lost in the woods or crossed over to the other side. Your dog or cat is already psychically talking to you, isn’t it time you made this communication a two-way street?

Here are some tips to begin build your psychic communication with animals:

  1. Identify your psychic type– It can be extremely helpful to learn HOW you uniquely ‘hear’. Not everyone ‘hears a voice in her head’ (classic telepathy or ‘Clairaudience” through the 5th chakra). Some receive psychic information by feeling the information (through the 2nd charka), just ‘knowing it‘ (7th charka) or ‘seeing‘ visual images (6th chakra).
  2. Meditate– for any type of psychic work you need to learn how to shut down the voice of the ego and begin to get a clear space for the psychic information to come in.
  3. Say “hello.” Often overlooked, you need to signal to the animal that you are ready to begin a ‘conscious’ dialogue. Say “hello” in your mind and let them know you are ready to begin.
  4. Be Patient and keep trying. Don’t force the communication. Remember to be easy and get into ‘receptivity’ mode (they can sense if you are anxious). Eye contact is not always necessary; for dogs it can be intimidating (a sign of who is the Alpha, or dominant one, in the relationship). Just observe; as you practice, the communication will increase. Your pet may be used to speaking with your Higher Self and so communicating with your ego may be a shift for him.
  5. Practice in your journal. Just as I recommend Soul Journaling to build telepathy from your ego to your Soul, journaling with the Soul of your animal helps build the necessary 5th chakra ‘muscle’ of Clairaudience to begin to ‘hear’ what they have to tell you.

I’d love to hear your stories of your own animal communication successes in the comments! (I always enjoy a good psychic story. I’ve got a good one coming soon about my cat, Micky, in another blog post.)

“Can you hear me yet?”

Lots of Love, Elisa


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