How To Energetically Ground

How To Energetically Ground

“I kick it root down, I put my root down. So are we gonna kick it? Gonna kick it root down.”

– The (amazing) Beastie Boys from their song, “Root Down”

The following is an excerpt from my book, “Authentic Intuition: A Psychological and Energetic Guide to Find Your Purpose, Claim Your Life and Live With Joy.” 

Grounding cords are energetic tubes of energy that look like pillars connecting us to the center of the Earth. Our grounding cords are our energetic connection with Mama Earth. We have grounding cords that extend from our first chakra at the base of the spine and fall like a plum line down to the center of the planet. You can imagine it as an extended tail. At the arch of each foot where our main feet chakras are located we also cord to the center of the planet. These grounding cords run straight down and fall with gravity from the center of our feet. Grounding cords on our feet give us stability and permission to walk our path and know our truths in the world.

It has been said that Mama Earth has her own chakra system just as we do. These are the meridians, or the lines known across the planet as axiational lines, or Earth’s lei lines. Wherever the lines intersect is called a “tsu-bo” which is a pressure point. At these powerful energy points, there are intense electromagnetic fields of which many visitors claim they can feel the effects. One of these power points is at Stonehenge in England. Many feel spiritually connected and in contact with something greater than their own ego when visiting these places.

What does it mean to be grounded? When we are ungrounded we are often spacey, forgetful and accident-prone. When we walk into a room and don’t remember what we came to get, we are ungrounded. When we lose our keys three times in one hour, or leave our coat at the coffee shop, we are ungrounded.

Some people are naturally more comfortable with grounded energies and others with astral energies. For one person, her Soul Path might be to “lighten up” and access the higher chakras while for another, his Soul Path might be to ground and incarnate more fully into his physical body. Most of us are doing both to some degree, but most have a natural preference. I am geared towards the astral when it comes to meditation, even though I have earth energy pumping through me. The first time I actively grounded in meditation, I felt heavy, dense and a little bit suffocated. I needed to practice grounding, and at first it felt unnatural.

I’ve seen amazing results from simple intention exercises with grounding cords for anxiety disorders. I have one client in particular that cannot access her intuitive information when she is ungrounded and then when we energetically ground her, she is so clear, strong and connected to what, just moments before, seemed unsolvable. We are often both shocked at how simple and powerful this exercise is for her and the intense effects it has on her perceptions. In all of my meditations when I refer to grounding or say to  “ground yourself,” I am referring to the following meditation :


Grounding & Running Earth Energy

Sit and take ten deep breaths. Your belly should expand on the inhale and contract on the exhale. Be mindful to breathe into your belly and not stop your breath short in your chest. Imagine the oxygen molecules floating all the way to the tips of your fingers and the tips of your toes. Do not skip the breathing. It is essential to shift your brain state.

Notice the feeling on the arches of your feet. This is the place of your very powerful feet chakras that run earth energy. You may notice tingling, or see a color as you activate them with your intention. Imagine roots growing down from your feet and moving past the layers of rocks and worms all they way to the molten lava core at the center of the earth.

Feel the powerful earth energy from the center of the planet and allow it to expand up through your grounding cords into your feet and up your legs. Allow it to move out any anxiety, stuck energy, or other people’s energy that is held in your leg channels. Check behind your knees for dark or grey stagnant energy.

At the base of your spine, your first chakra, send the energy back down to the earth, from where your tail would be if you had one. Like a pump you are going to bring earth energy up your legs and down your tail, cleaning any anxious or avoidant energy out of your system. Do not bring the earth energy up past your first chakra into your belly. Keep it pumping through your legs.

Ground down in the present moment in the full power of now. If you are used to being more astral, this may feel heavy for a while until you get used to running earth energy. Stick with it and you will balance out your upper and lower chakras.


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