Energy Cords Reveal Soul Lessons

Energy Cords Reveal Soul Lessons

Clients are shocked when I know details about their relationships that they have not revealed to me. I explain to them the subtle relationship dynamics of how they fight with their husband, their parents, or their boss at work. How do I know these intimate details like your son needs to be comforted immediately or he will have a fit but your daughter needs 10 minutes alone to calm down? I have learned to read and understand the energy cords that exist between people.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t stop daydreaming about an ex even though you know he (or she) is a terrible match? Have you ever felt guilt-tripped after talking to a family member and can’t get the conversation out of your head?

Sometimes we feel frustrated when we know it is time to rationally move on from something, but emotionally can’t. Nine times of out ten, there are energetic reasons (not just emotional reasons) why we feel terrible. One way we can preserve our own energetic and physical health, as well as the health of our relationships, is by learning about energy cords.

Energy cords (sometimes called ethereal or etheric cords) are connective tubes that allow the transmission of information, energy, and emotion between spirits. Cords are often not visible to most people, yet, with training to visually see the aura and chakra system, it is possible to see them visually. Most people feel the cords. The place where the cord connects to the physical body can be an area where we feel emotionally drained or empowered, physical heat, tingling or pain. We can not be corded unless we have given permission (consciously or unconsciously) for the cord to be there.

Cords are often plugged into the front or back of a chakra within the body. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means, ‘spinning wheel’. Chakras are energy centers (which look like wheels) located throughout the body. There are 7 main chakras located along the spine–from the base to the top of the head. We also have many smaller chakras which make up the acupressure or acupuncture points.

We can have energy cords not only with people but also with loved ones that have crossed over or other energetic entities (like spirit guides).

It is essential for energetic hygiene to check and remove cords on a regular basis. It is often beneficial to clear family cords (no matter how well-intentioned) because we often have ‘codependent cording’ which is interpreted as loving but actually drains both parties involved. If a relationship has been verbally, sexually, or physically abusive, the cording traps us like a spider web to the past, lost in unconscious, unhealthy patterns.

Sometimes I see clients that are looking for love but are not ‘energetically available’ because they are tied to an old partner. When we have sex with a partner we are often emotionally vulnerable and energetically open for cording to develop. When we cut old cords we are making ourselves available to manifest loving relationships in present time.

Clients often worry if they cut a cord they will lose the good memories or the relationship to the other person on the cord. Yet, cord cutting actually makes us more available for healthy intimacy–with the people to which we have been corded, as well as new relationships. We never have to feel guilty for cutting a codependent energy cord. It updates the karmic contracts into present time, so we can experience an evolved, non-reactive relationship. Then we are available to see the other person clearly–instead of trying to change them or being repeatedly ‘set off” emotionally. Even if the cord is with an individual in spirit form, (a loved one who has crossed or a spirit guide) cord-cutting allows us to find new ways to communicate much more consciously–spirit to spirit.

Be aware that when you cut a cord you will often get ‘push back’ from the other individual, in an attempt to keep the cord anchored in place. Often clients are shocked when they receive an out-of-the-blue text, email, or phone call, right at the time we have cut the cord. If this happens, hold strong and do not allow the other person’s ego reaction to sway you.

With some of the stronger, deeper cords (like with a parent or an intense romantic relationship) where we are not as objective, it can be helpful to get an impartial person to sever the cord. If you do this, make sure the practitioner communicates to you and clear the root Soul Lessons or reasons the cord was initially attached. This makes the lessons on the Soul contract conscious instead of shifting back into unconscious patterning where the cord can reattach.

Some practitioners recommend calling in an ascended master, like Archangel Michael with his powerful sword, and ask that all negative cords be cut. Some will say you do not need to know with whom the cords are connected and the reasons they were formed. Yet, from the Soul’s perspective, the reason we have karmic relationships that create cords is to gain loving consciousness regarding personality differences for spiritual growth, evolution, and development. To skip this step would be dismissing an incredible Soul opportunity and classified as spiritual bypassing.


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