Are You an Empath? (With Quiz!)

Are You an Empath? (With Quiz!)

People often assume that an ‘empath’ is someone who feels empathy for others. Yet, being an empath is actually much more complicated than simply feeling compassion for another. An empath is someone who can actually feel, in his body, what other people around him are feeling. 

Empath’s receive this psychic information directly through the body–often through the 2nd chakra, the emotional center.

Empath’s are highly emotionally intelligent and extremely energetically sensitive. When I tell a new client that she is an empath, she often has never heard of the term. I let empath clients know that being an empath is an intuitive gift and a blessing. It gives them an incredible ability to step into the experience of another and “walk in his shoes”. Empaths are naturally compassionate, and amazing at helping other people feel comfortable. They are good communicators & great listeners These are skills that are extremely helpful for anyone who works in healing, management, teaching, sales or public relations.

Yet, empaths are also prone to burn-out, anxiety and depression. This is because often they do not truly understand, protect and care for their natural skills of sensitivity. Empaths tend to be just like sponges; they soak up free-floating pain, fear and desperation from their colleagues, friends and family. That is why, if you are an empath, it is important to “wring out” regularly. This way you have the ability to be clear, focused, inspired and energized for your own life.

Take the quiz below to find out if you are a heart sponge..I mean empath!

Keep track of how many answers you score with a ‘yes’.

A Little Empath Quiz:

  • When I walk into a party I can immediately feel people’s moods and ‘read’ their non-verbal communication.
  • Other people feel comfortable around me; I am a natural counselor to my friends.
  • I sometimes attract energy suckers (emotional vampires or needy people) into my life because I am a compassionate person.
  • My friends think of me as considerate– someone they can lean on.
  • I am not always great at pacing myself in relationships and friendships; I often get sucked in too deep, too fast.
  • If I don’t take time alone to recharge, I find that I become very drained.
  • Making eye contact with certain people is an intense experience because I feel their unexpressed feelings, desires, and attitudes.
  • I sometimes am self-conscious with others because I find I am aware of what the other person is feeling.
  • Sometimes being in small spaces with strangers, like elevators, can feel emotionally intense and cause me anxiety.
  • Sometimes I become anxious in large crowds or social events (games, weddings, reunions).
  • Sometimes I lose track of how I am feeling about a situation because I am so engaged with how other people feel about the topic.
  • I often identify with the characters in intense movies or books, which will affect my mood.
  • I avoid watching the news because I deeply feel the pain from the news stories.
  • I consider myself a spiritual person.
  • I often feel heartbreak for the pains of the world–devastation of the planet, pain of animals, injustice for humans, etc.
  • I want to help the state of the planet and its inhabitants, but often feel overwhelmed at the thought of it.
  • Sometimes looking others in the eye feels uncomfortable because it can be an intimate and personal experience.

If you answered ‘yes’ to 6 or more, you are an empath! If you answered yes to 9 or more, you are incredibly sensitive and it is a good investment in your life to learn about your energetic nature. Implementing strong self-care practices will protect and preserve your authentic energy so that you can live a vibrant life.


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