What's the Deal with Twin Flames?

Twin Flame relationships are incredibly misunderstood. 


We often speak of our hesitancy on this topic, even though we live as a Twin Flame couple, in union, for over 11 years. We have navigated the incredibly challenging initiation of facing the Self through the broken mirror of Other and integrated the pieces, for both ourselves and each other (while raising children). There is nothing harder that we have both navigated and survived and nothing of which we are more proud.  We fought for our union against incredible opposition (both internal and external, physical and energetic). 


The reality of integrating into Union is a far cry from the codependent myth that many think a Twin Flame relationship is. We often joke we wish a nice “Soul Mate” relationship for our own children than the perilous Twin Flame journey. 


The intended result of the Twin Flame journey is to release pre-programmed familial and societal beliefs, dismantle false coping mechanisms and shed control-based attachment issues to live in the transmission of unconditional Love. When Twin Flame couples meet on planet earth, it is always a reunion.  


Twin flame Love is an alchemical fire, destroying all projective love ideals to create room for an Unconditional Love experience.  It is not about getting or receiving Love, but about BECOMING LOVE--the ultimate spiritual bootcamp. It is NOT a path for the faint-hearted; rather, it is a conscious choice made before incarnation to catalyze and actualize the full potential of both souls. Withdrawing projections, navigating intense emotions, and discernment and confrontation of all that is not love become crucial skills for this initiation. 


Encountering one's twin flame doesn't guarantee romantic togetherness in this lifetime. The goal may not be union but you will receive the next volt of clarity for the initiation on the individual Soul journey. This connection eludes the control and full comprehension of the ego or personality. Instead, it beckons both individuals deep into the core of their being, a transformative journey guided by the eternal flame seeking the light within. 


Ultimately, we do speak about this material, even aware of the pitfalls, because for those actually going through it, there are very few teachers that are living healthily, in union as examples of the integrated energies. We found very few real energetic resources that resonated for us, when we were deep in our initial stages. 


For harmony and union to blossom between these soul counterparts, a shared commitment to profound inner work is essential. This involves accepting full responsibility for personal wounds, unraveling transference, and refraining from projection and blame—a truth pertinent not only to Twin Flames but to all sacred relationships. (We discuss exactly what this entails to in our book, “Holy Love”.) 


These connections delve into every facet of one's existence, from intergenerational family trauma all the way to the ancestral realms. The dynamics often magnify patterns, such as those found in anxious-avoidant attachments, until true trust in the Soul as the source of Love is firmly established. 


Twin flames serve as master teachers incarnated on the planet, for each other. Those who transcend the challenges offer a new blueprint of relationship for humanity's evolution, while other relationships may find themselves trapped in cycles of victimhood, perpetration, and rescue, entangled in co-dependency or succumbing to the energies of separation. Regardless of they type of relationship we are (or arent) in, we can always listen to Soul to break these patterns. 


It is the nature of human ego to try to make Love experiences into a hierarchy. The goal is not to compare types of Love, but realize the Divine is always offering a path towards our greatest incarnation of Love in this present moment (sometimes even through our isolation as well). 


We will never define for others what their own relationship is. It is up to the individuals to categorize or identify their experience. And, in some ways the categorization doesn’t matter. The only reason it can matter is that the Twin Flame journey has some very specific phases and challenges unique to it’s particular path and this information and reflection can be incredibly useful. When working with couples we know that Love and Soul is always sacred and delivering the form of Love we need at the moment for our greater awakening.  


But for us, Twin Flames point to proof of God. Proof there is a higher intelligence that has a specific, detailed Love-agenda about the consecration of incarnated Love on the planet--in whatever form that takes.  It is not about the form but the energy. Yet, the physical incarnated celebration of Union is an experience of heaven on earth.  


(More on Twin Flame relationships in our recent podcast.) 


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