The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Long for Union

by Adam Foley

The first time I heard of the Divine Masculine and Feminine was from a man selling rocks in India.

Walking along the shores of the sacred Ganges river in India (commonly known as “Ganga Ma” or “Mother Ganga”), a man with a powerful and calm presence approached me. He held a beautiful stone known as a Shiva Lingam. The rock, naturally formed by the river, had a vibrant maroon strip running across it. He explained that this strip of intentionality is the Divine Masculine, and the rock itself, the cosmic egg, is the Divine Feminine. The Masculine witnesses the substance of the totality of the rock, while the substance, the rock itself, is the whole incarnation of the material universe, the Divine Feminine. The Masculine witnesses the universe; the Feminine is the universe. We all hold both of these universal yin and yang energies within us, regardless of biology or gender. Internally, the Masculine is God as witness, and the Feminine is God, Herself. One without the other is incomplete.

The Feminine without the Masculine exists as the substance of God, but has no awareness of where or what She is. The Masculine without the Feminine stares into empty space, attempting to discover meaning without beauty; He has direction but no purpose.

When the Feminine is witnessed by the Masculine, She can feel She is being seen, and through that love-lens, is Known. Just as we sense when someone looks at us from across a room, She feels this presence and is no longer alone. When witnessed by a truly loving, Masculine energy, She realizes She is Beauty–She is God, substance and miracle. His penetrating gaze goes through Her and into Her. Every moment of Masculine witness opens Her wider to the experience of this Holy Union, which has always been around Her—but up until this moment, has remained unseen.

Simultaneously, the Masculine, witnessing the Feminine, sees the perfection of God in Her beauty and vulnerability of Truth–breaking his heart open wider and wider.  Similar to the feeling of awe, inspired by a starry night, He now knows Love through seeing Love and his meaning and purpose is revealed.

In the spiritual seeker, these play of energies are made conscious everyday. In seeking God, we witness from our Masculine, while simultaneously feeling ourselves as our Feminine– the recognition and realization we are made of God and radiate as the Whole.

In Vipassana meditation, the goal is to practice awareness through sensations in the body. From a Masculine/Feminine perspective, they practice directing the witness (Masculine) to the substance/body (Feminine.)

This energetic interplay also manifests between two people aware of the task and potential to seek God in one another. When you find where God is in the other person and witness it (Masculine), it breaks them open to that God part of themselves (Feminine). Holding our spiritual gaze on their Divine potential is the cornerstone to true Soul-to-Soul Relationship.

Elisa and I will continue to speak about Soul-based relationships via the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principles, in a book we are currently writing together, in upcoming videos, and at our summer retreat, Holy Love (click for more info.)


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